Best Essay Writing services: A review of Top 7 websites in 2024

This is a comprehensive review of the best custom essay writing websites for this year and research paper writing sites for students. In this review, we explored many websites and selected 7 of the best. We placed orders and handed them for grading. In addition, we will be updating each of their services every month and recommend the best.




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GradeBees review
The Overall Best essay writing
service online. Very affordable.
from $12/page
5 / 5

EssayLot review
Top-rated essay writing
service for research papers.
from $10/page
4.9 / 5

customessayspro review
Cheapest essay writing
service online with no Plagiarism.
from $9/page
4.7 / 5

nerdywriters review
Timely essay writing
service with the lowest turnaround.
from $12/page
4.7 / 5

customessayhub review
Best Essay writing
service in the USA.
from $13/page
4.6 / 5

Bold Essays review6
Best Essay writing
service in the USA.
from $10/page
4.6 / 5

Custom writing
service for term papers.
from $10/page
4.6 / 5

Our Review plan

  1. A review of GradeBees – the best essay writing website we found online.
  2. Reviewing
  3. A full review,
  4. Reviweing NerdyWriters.
  5. review – the best custom Writing website in the US
  6.  A review of – home of the most friendly essay writers online.
  7. EssayDad review. 

Best essay writing service reviews: top 10 websites to consider

In this comprehensive review, we present the 7 most reliable essay writing websites in the academic writing industry and the reasons why we rate them as indicated above. To do this, we will summarize the reviews we received from students and reveal the experience we had when we practically made orders on all of them. Coupled with customer testimonials, our review lists the best to the least and the unique features that make each website legit and trustworthy.

1 – The overall best essay writing service

Grade Bees homepage is the best custom essay writing service we found from our extensive review that involved making actual orders and gathering comments from students. It is a trusted service that focuses mainly on the grades the customers get after making orders with them. They rank highly among the students seeking for research papers and essays to be done for them. Here is an example of a review we found.

Here is one of the sampled student testimonials

I loved the customer service. That was very nice and patient with the questions I had and the tough research needed. I will definitely come back here. Thank you for yours service.

Customer Reviewer


Several reviews from different customers suggest that serves its clients with dedication and honesty. They handle a wide range of topics from various disciplines, which explains their versatility. Furthermore, they offer extra support to enhance your understanding of the topic.

Besides, this support team handles your work with a great work ethic. The customer does not have to worry about personal data since they do not disclose your details to any third party. For example, your details are safe due to their no-name policy.

Another outstanding aspect about’s services is that they believe in the refund policy. If you go through their work and think they performed below par, you are free to ask for a refund from the concerned management. They will be willing to refund your money.

Finally, the entire work is always authentic. You can disapprove when you subject it to any anti-plagiarism software like Turnitin and so. They strive to produce original work from scratch.

They know the importance of producing original work since plagiarism is a vice that can destroy the reputation of any student and complicate the academic life of such a person.

Is GradeBees Friendly?

Availability of customer care services that cater to your need is critical to the success of any institution. For this case, this firm has an effective customer care service that will act on your request promptly.


Gradebees have Top and Expert Writers

The writers in this firm has extensive experience to enable them to work on different orders without delay. These writers hold high academic degrees to help them tackle any area of specialization with confidence and precision. Once you issue a request to process your order, you will not have to worry about the quality since it is upbeat.

All the writers are native English speakers meaning they have a great command of the used language. That means that this company has the best writers who will process your work as with a reliable output for you to pass your exams well.

2 Best essay writing service highly rated by Students for research papers

EssayLot homepage is another top-rated custom essay writing website that is popular with students because for original term papers and excellent research papers. One unique reason why Essay Lot is their zero tolerance to plagiarism. All their work is 100% original and no paper we ordered had any slight plagiarism.

Have a look at one testimonial of a nursing student:

Perfection is the word to describe the paper you guys provided me. I had no time but you pulled through the deadline. Thank you for your service.

Customer Reviewer


Essay Lot has many positive reviews from clients on the internet. Since this site has been in the writing business for a while, it won clients’ confidence by producing quality work that can procure better grades.

This website site has a pool of writers from different disciplines, which will offer you professional assistance. They range from mathematics, engineering, information technology, accounting, and others. You only need to harmonize with them concerning the given instructions and showcase their skills to produce the required output.

Among the pointers for their competence and professionalism is confidentiality. They have a clear privacy policy of not disclosing your details to any other party. All the transactions with their clients remain anonymous as a way of protecting your data.

Do EssayLot offer revisions?

EssayLot has a professional routine of allowing customers to request revisions of their work. Encouraging one to bring limitless revisions is a step forward. What they treasure is to perfect your work to your satisfaction.

What is the process to order from EssayLot

The process of placing an order at is simple and procedurally straightforward. You begin by filling an online form. Here, you have to provide the necessary details such as the deadline, the essay topic, and the academic level. 

Next, you will have to pay for the assignment. Once through, you will have to control the assignment. There is an online writer who will be updating and answering your questions concerning the progress. Later, you will get your assignment before the deadline.


3 – The Cheapest essay writing

CustomEssaysPro homepage

CustomEssaysPro is an excellent essay help website that provides a wide range of services to different customers. There is an efficient team that will craft your work from scratch. Before they deliver your work, they must check it for plagiarism to establish its originality. 

Have a look at the testimonial of Drake, an architecture student:

Your writers rock. You guys provided me with the perfect dissertation. That was very nice and patient with the questions I will definitely come back here.

Customer Reviewer


At, the process of hiring writers is foolproof that it is a serious writing service firm. The quality begins in the hiring stage. They will employ those writers who passed the test successfully. Furthermore, they follow the writer’s achievements by checking the progress of their work every day.

When you want to communicate with this company management, the process is never hard. There are 24/7 customer care assistants who will be answering all your questions concerning their services. You can use the messaging system in your profile to reach out to them. You can still use the live chat to pass your message. has been in operation for more than ten years while handling tasks beyond 60 disciplines. More so, the site has a user-friendly interface that enables clients to interact with the concerned team effectively.

4 is a Timely essay writing
service. The shortest turnaround.

NerdyWriters homepage is a reliable homework help site that is famous for quality essays, graded term papers and A-level research papers. They also provide excellent thesis and dissertations. They handle all your assignments and provide excellent essay help if you are struggling in this area.

The site boasts of many years of experience in writing service. As such, you do not have to worry about their competence in any area of study.

Have a look at the testimonial of Drake, an architecture student:

Vey good service. I will be happy to order again.

Customer Reviewer

Student ranks above similar writing firms because you do not need to make it upfront. That does not mean that they are scammers since the reviews from many customers prove that they offer genuine service. You will pay for the value that you get in your paper.

Once you give instruction for your order, a suitable writer over that particular field will be assigned to you. You will have a chance to chat with your writer and establish if he is on the right track. The company expects you to control the process from the beginning to the end.

Also, you have the chance to ask the writer to preview the work. Here, you will have an opportunity to gauge if that kind of writing style suits you. You can still make some more recommendations if you believe the writer ought to change some elements.

Is free of plagiarism?

More importantly, strives to ensure that the output is plagiarism-free. There are strict measures to counter such a vice. The built-in plagiarism check will help you to handle any pending issues about originality. They will ensure that the output is perfect.


How good is NerdyWriters customer service

Besides, the clients can talk to customer care any time of the day, depending on your timeline. This customer assistance service is there to dispel any doubts concerning their services. You can reach out to them via live chat, email, and phone calls.

5 is the Best Essay writing
service in the USA.

NerdyWriters homepage is among the top essay writing services in the US. This site has been offering writing services for more than 15 years. And has the most seasoned essay writers in the country. With a keen look at the quality of work from their support team, you are assured of no plagiarism in any of the papers.

Here is a testimonial of a student:

The perfect mix of expertise and student-like language. The paper was awesone

Customer Reviewer


One great aspect is it specializes in more than 80 disciplines. You can always fill the form and put the details of your area of study and any other description as you would want them to appear. After that, they will assign a suitable writer who is a specialist in that area. always works on urgent orders, provided you issue the correct instruction. It has a four-hour urgent order service, although you must be ready to dig deeper into the pocket. Their vast year of experience in such elements makes them trusty worth.


You will get your paper 100% original. The customers who use their services rate it high on this aspect. Before they polish it to the end, the writer will use anti-plagiarism software to establish its originality and make it authentic.


Suppose you want a competent essay writing firm, then you should look no further than the If you are not happy with their work, you can issue further instruction to revive the work.


Support team at will listen and implement your recommendations. They will try to customize it to your needs until you are satisfied with the final output.

6 serves all your ‘Write my Essay and my Paper’ needs.

BoldEssays homepage is the friendliest and affordable essay writing website popular to students for its informal approach to academic writing. We can say that is worth your attention if you want to get an efficient service that will upgrade your academic life. You will not have to struggle with deadlines since they will ensure your product is ready before time. As such, you will get a chance to assess it before submitting the draft to the college.

Have a look at a student testimonial

I loved the customer service I would really like defini you guys provided me. That was very nice and patient with questions I had. I would really like definitely come back here. Thank you for yours service.

Lavender Martin


They charge affordable fees which are within the pocket-friendly range. For example, you will be handling a Ph.D. level assignment, then you will not pay the same as an undergraduate task. Typically, site5 is a reliable firm that can process your orders to fetch better grades.

If there is a website that is most popular to students is We discovered that this site is accessible through an efficient customer care service. You can contact them any time and inquire about any aspect that concerns you. The good news is that they have an interactive platform where you can reach out to them via live chats. Also, you can use an email or a phone call.

There is no complaint about confidentiality. That is a positive review from many customers, which proves that they will keep your transaction private. They will not disclose any details to any person apart from the one they are dealing with.

7 will Write your Essays and papers with No Plagiarism.

EssayDad homepage is a good essay writing website that focuses mostly on essays and short research projects. The quality of work they produce remains outstanding. This site does not tolerate plagiarism, poor paraphrasing, and other grammatical issues in the content.

As a result, has many positive reviews from clients on the internet. Since this site has been in the writing business for a while, it won clients’ confidence by producing quality work that can procure better grades.

Have a look one testimonial

I loved the customer service I would really like defini you guys provided me. That was very nice and patient with questions I had. I would really like definitely come back here. Thank you for yours service.

Lavender Martin


Students like because it responds well by sticking to time deadlines. Once you specify the deadlines, they will do their best to fit into the given timeline while matching your work with quality.

In addition, they have excellent customer care support, which acts to dispel your fears about any pressing issue. You can call or participate in a live chat. Also, you can reach out to them via email if you want to get a response on some technical issues.

Why students need essay Help in Assignments

Some students struggle with tons of homework hence finding it hard to complete it at the right time. Such enormous tasks can steal your personal life, especially if you have to handle such stuff alone. Fret not. is here to eliminate such frustrations from you. 

Multitasking can be a frustrating event. It can cause your brain to lose focus, drain the energy and lead to fatigue. As a human being, you need ample time to work and relax to refresh your memory to come up with error-free content. can eliminate the possibilities of burnout by offering professional help to relieve you of such burdens. 

Are essay writing services cheap

No. They do not come cheap. However, you can get cheaper pricing by requesting part of a challenging paper. Here, you will only be asking for specific extracts of your essay and not the entire document. In this deal, you will get lower prices. They always listen to your concerns about pricing and settle for a win-win situation. 

Are essay writing services legit?

Using essay writing services is completely legit and safe because they uphold the highest level of privacy. Besides, they will hold your engagements with 100% confidentiality.

There is a great online technology backed by an efficient cyber-security system that will keep your personal data safe. For example, no party will know anything concerning your payments transactions.

Do custom essay services provide revisions

One great aspect is that you can even ask for a revision if you feel the quality is below your expectations. Ensure that you give proper instructions when asking for revisions. The concerned writer will eliminate all the flaws and customize the final draft to your needs.

 The websites we reviewed allow revision services for customer works or their own papers. If the final revisions disappoint you, then you should expect them to refund your money back. However, there is no evidence that one client ever asked for a refund from the given reviews.

Our Recommended Top Essay Writing Service for this year is our recommended website for essay writing. Students love this site because it responds well by sticking to time deadlines. Once you specify the deadlines, they will do their best to fit into the given timeline while matching your work with quality.

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Why we Recommend Grade Bees writers

1. Free Revisions

These sites implement a free revision policy whereby suppose you need some amendments on the submitted work; you are free to recommend those changes at no cost. If you want to add new items, you will not have to pay for them again.

2. Plagiarism Free Content

The site as a team that writes original content no matter the type of requirements that you have. After completing assignments, they scan every paper and essay using anti-plagiarism software to ensure that their contents are original.

More reasons why Grade Bees are legit

3. Purely Confidential

Site2 is a renowned firm that has a strict privacy policy. They ensure your data is safe by not enclosing the details of your transactions to unauthorized personnel. For instance, the clients’ identities will remain anonymous. 

4. Expert Writers 

There is a team of well-trained writers with many years of writing experience. These writers have vast knowledge’s in varying niches, so you don’t have to worry about your course. The management will assign a suitable writer who understands your field well. 

Why our reviews are open and transparent

Why rely on our Best Essay Writing Service Reviews?

We understand your time is precious, and we know you don’t have time to search for the best essay writing service reviews. That is why we focus on offering you the best essay writing services at affordable prices.

We are constantly updating our databases with new features so our customers can benefit from them even after they leave our website.

Our experts are experienced in writing essays for all types of students, from high school students to college students and even graduates. We also offer custom essays for those who want something different from the usual essay format.

Our team of expert essay writers has a wide range of skills and experience. Depending on your needs, they can write essays from scratch or adapt existing content. We also have a team of proofreaders who check all the work submitted by our writers before it is sent to you.

We use only the best equipment, software, and services to carry out our business. We have a strict quality control system ensuring that only high-quality content is sent to our customers.

Our company is committed to providing professional services that help you score high in exams, improve grades and succeed in your academic endeavors.

Tips to find the best essay writers

How to find the Best Essay Writing Service

Finding the best essay writing service is not an easy task. Many companies claim to provide academic help, but it is important to distinguish between good and bad companies. The following tips will help you choose the best essay writing service for your needs:

1. Read Other Students’ Reviews

If you need help with your essay, it’s a good idea to look at other students’ reviews to get some ideas of what they’ve experienced with their previous essays. This can help you decide on an essay writing service that is right for you.

At the same time, it is also important for them to have many negative reviews because this shows there are problems with their services and how they handle customer complaints.

If there are no negative ones, this might be something that should be investigated further before signing up for their services.

2. Beware of Fake Review Platforms

It is not easy to find a good essay writing service. There are a lot of fake review platforms that claim to be authentic and reliable essay writing services.

But, it is not easy to find the best essay writing service. You need to do some research before you book your paper.

You can compare the services and check their reviews on different review websites. You can also ask your friends who have used the company before. They can give you a list of their favorite writers, and you can choose one from this list.

One thing to do when looking for an essay writing service is to check their website. You can do this by going through their website’s review section to get feedback from other customers who have used them before.

This way, you will be able to know whether they are reliable or not and if they have been able to provide quality services in the past.

It is also important to look at what other people say about these companies online to know whether they are good or not. You can do this by checking out social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where many people share their experiences with other people by posting reviews about companies or products which they have tried using before.

3. Chose essay writing website with money-back Guarantee

When looking for an essay writing service, it is important to find a company that offers a money-back guarantee.

This means that if you are not satisfied with their services, they will refund your money.

You will also want to ensure that the company has good reviews on various websites. Many sites offer reviews of different companies and their services.

Using these sites gives you a better idea of how good the service is and if it is worth paying for.

The best way to find an essay writing service is by reading through their website.

This will give you an idea of what type of things they do, how long it takes them to complete each paper and whether or not they have had any complaints from clients in the past.

Suppose there are no complaints on their website. In that case, this should be taken as a positive sign since most companies do not like having problems with their customers and would rather avoid them by taking care of everything themselves instead of letting others deal with it.

4. Choose Essay writing that offer Plagiarism Report

You can choose any company to write your essay. But if you want the best result, then it is very important to choose a company that provides plagiarism reports and other services.

This will help you avoid any unnecessary issues during the writing process. You should also ensure that the writer has enough experience writing such essays.

Many companies offer these services, and you do not need to worry about anything as long as they have enough experience and knowledge about writing essays on any topic. Select

5. Chose homework help with Experience

Another thing you should look for in an essay writing service is its reputation. The best companies have been around long, and clients can trust them.

You should choose a company that has been in business for at least five years or more, as this shows that it is reliable and has enough experience to offer quality services.

The best essay writing service will be able to satisfy your academic requirements by providing you with high-quality work. This is why choosing a company with many years of experience in this field is important.

6. High-Quality Customer Support

Again, another thing to look at in customer support is how quickly you get replies to your emails and whether or not they are relevant.

If you are asking questions about the quality of papers or what it will take to get started, you should be able to get an answer within 24 hours or even quicker.

If not, this might signal that your writer isn’t taking their job seriously and just ignoring customers concerned about their work.

The firm should have the right channels to allow the customer to communicate with them well.

For instance, it should have an active live chat, emails and phone number for better communication. 

Safety Tips when buy essays from essay writers

How to Use Essay Writing Services Safely?

There is a kind of sense in which writing an essay is brainwork. It is not something that you can do with your mind shut off. You have to be in the right mood, and you have to be engaged with the subject at hand.

That’s why it’s so important to find the right essay writer. But how do you do that? Here are some tips on how to use essay writing services safely:

1. Avoid the Cheapest or free essay Services

The best essay writing services usually have been around for a long time, have plenty of reviews, and offer affordable prices.

However, if all you want is a cheap essay writer who will get your work done quickly, then there is no need to worry about finding a good writer because plenty of them are available online.

It would be difficult for one to find an affordable essay writing service that does not offer low-quality work because they all want to make money from customers like you!

Some cheap essay writing services give you an okay paper and then charge you a lot of money for revisions. If you don’t have time to spend on revisions, this is not the right choice.

These companies only want your money and will not do any additional work for free. If you want high-quality paper, it is better to pay more than low prices.

However, we recommend choosing a reputable essay writing service if you need to save money.

2. Don’t submit essays better than your previous

Avoid submitting an essay that appears better than your previous tasks to prevent suspicion. This is a common mistake made by students.

They treat writing an essay as a piece of cake, and they submit their best work for it.

However, when you do this, you will get an essay of the best quality and that may bring doubts about your ability based on your previous assignments.

The best approach is to allow the writing firm to copy your writing style. The purpose of this is to form an impression that you are the one who did it.

When writing an essay, you want to make sure that it’s not only well-written but also unique. As a result, you might have to write several essays to get one that stands out from the rest.

The only requirement is that you should be able to write clearly and accurately. If you want to avoid any suspicion or doubt from your professor, you need to ensure that everything looks perfect before submitting the essay.

3. Subject the essay to a Plagiarism checker 

Another step is to subject your paper to a plagiarism checker before sending it out to any professional writer.

This is because many websites allow students to buy essays online, and they will hide their identities behind fake names and profiles while promoting plagiarism. 

Plagiarism is a common academic problem. It happens when someone steals someone else’s work and passes it off as their own.

The consequences can be severe, including a failing grade and expulsion from school.

If you use these sites, then chances are that your work will be copied without asking for permission.

To avoid such situations, you must subject your paper to a plagiarism checker before sending it out to your tutor.

4. Protect Your Privacy

The privacy of your academic documents is important. It’s a good idea to use a trustworthy essay writing service to ensure your work’s confidentiality.

The best way to do this is by choosing a company that offers paper writing services with good reviews. You can also find out more about their reputation by researching online.

The best essay writing service will give you all the information on how they handle confidentiality and privacy issues. They will also provide you with an option for submitting the order online if possible instead of asking for your address or phone number over the phone or via email.

5. Proofread the essay written for you

Proofreading is one of the most important steps in finding the best essay writing service. It is crucial because without it, your paper will be marked with low grades, and you won’t be able to get into a good university or college.

You want to ensure that your essay has no spelling or other errors. If you want to pass exams in the future, you need to check your work before submitting your paper. There are different ways of doing this:

You can use spell check software, which works well but often identifies only some of the issues in your text. You can ask someone who knows English well to read your essay and point out any mistakes they find while reading it. This method is better than software because you will get feedback from someone who knows what they are doing.

Legality of essay help services

Are Essay Writing Services Legal? Is It Safe To Use Them?

Essay writing services are legal because they do not break any laws in most countries. While homework help services are not illegal, the legality of these services varies based on how you use the files. However, there is an ethical question involving the morality of paying for essays to be done for you.

In this light, it is good to note that the average person may not be familiar with the laws of their country and how they apply to essay writing services.

There are several different types of essay writing services that you can use. Some offer custom essays, while others will only write essays for specific companies or institutions.

However, it’s important to note that many different types of writers work for these services.

There is no guarantee that any writer will meet your expectations or complete your order on time.

If they are legal, then it will be safe to use them because they will provide high-quality essays and do not charge you too much money for the same thing.

But if they are not legal, it will be unsafe for you to use them as there is no guarantee about their quality of service delivery.

There is a great online technology backed by an efficient cyber-security system that will keep your personal data safe. For example, no party will know anything concerning your payments transactions.

Feel free to make a choice of the services we reviewed. offers objective reviews of the best custom essay writing services and reliable research paper writing websites this year.