Review: a Legit and Trusted Essay Writing Service is an academic help service that specializes in writing customized essays on any topic. The website stands for high-quality work that will impress your grades. As their name suggests, these guys are the real workaholics who will deliver the sweet grades that you need.

In this review, we will analyze how this site operates and uncover some of the mysteries behind its excellent performance and popularity. Here is how it compares with other similar sites we reviewed.




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GradeBees provides quality homework help and essay help to students. As an online essay writing service most of its products, include term papers, research papers, thesis papers, essays, dissertations, book reviews, book reports, and speeches among others.

Grade Bees homepage

The website is a reliable homework help website with quality essay writing services. Their reliability is so high that all you need is to place an order and forget. Once you give your assignment, they will begin to process it and adhere to the given deadlines.

Unique Features that make Grade Bees Worth It 

1. Highly Qualified Writers has the best writers who carry a wealth of experience in their respective fields. These writers can handle any task from high school to doctoral level. The process of hiring writers is evident that this site stands for quality.

Before they decide to settle for a specific candidate, they must subject one to an intensive screening process. The candidate must prove his worth by passing several tests. After this vetting process, you will get the chance to work for them.

The writer must pass the registration process with including sitting for specific tests. One of the crucial ones is sitting for a four-hour test. They will gauge your understanding of various formatting styles such as MLA, APA, Chicago style etc.

The assessment criteria revolve around language, grammar, professionalism, writing style etc. They will expect the right to produce high-quality work with a good command of English. Furthermore, the writer should have great expertise and understanding of the respective subject.

Suppose the clients want to know the background information about the writer; these clients will access the details immediately. About that, there is no doubt concerning the credibility of the writer. 


2. Wide range of services

The site offers a wide range of academic services to various clients at all levels. Once you fill out the form to request their service, the management will assign you a suitable writer in your field of study.

You will have to give correct instructions, harmonize the process with your writer, and work for hand in hand. By this, we mean that you are free to ask for progress from your writer and establish if the work is okay.

The site handles different services according to the interests of their clients as follows:

  • Coursework
  • Article review
  • Term paper
  • Case study
  • Thesis
  • Essay and dissertation

3. Timely Delivery of essays

The site has an excellent track record of handing over the written work within the agreed timelines. Even if they do it within short deadlines, it does not mean that they will compromise on quality. Clients marvel at how fast they deliver high-quality content within the shortest timeframe.

Also, they give you ample time to assess the final work and establish if they delivered to your expectations. Most times, the professor and classmates will have little questions about the work as they will want to know what you will be answering them.

Since the firm has been in the industry for a while, they have great experience in writing fast. However, they concentrate a lot on quality even if they type and finish it quickly.

4. Plagiarism Free essays and papers

Plagiarism procures a big shame to the student and later haunts your career at unimaginable levels.  This site offers a plagiarism-free guarantee, so you do not have to worry about the quality of your final draft. The client should feel confident knowing that the institution will not accuse you of that vice.

The site has anti-plagiarism software, which they use to scan for any cases in that category. They will polish your final draft to the agreeable standard to showcase their professional skills in writing.

Typically, the final content is original since the given writer will produce the content from scratch. They cite their sources well to ensure that it does not reflect in the final essay as plagiarized. 

5. Free essay Revisions

The site cares about feedback from the previous assignments. They would want to see their customer happy about what they do. For that reason, they accept revisions from past work. You have to be careful since they only accept the revision as long as it does not carry new instructions again.

The client should allow them to customize the work to meet your expectations. Also, another condition is the client should present the revision within seven days after delivery. Beyond that period, you will have to part with some fees.

6. Confidentiality

Another aspect that makes this site appear professional is that they implement a non-disclosure policy. By this, we mean that they will not share your details with any other party. No one will know your email, phone number and additional crucial information concerning the client since everything will be anonymous.

The client should feel confident when dealing with them as they treasure privacy to the highest level.

7. Simple Payments options

The site allows clients to pay for the work before they begin to process it. When filling the forms, you will encounter a place where you have to pay for them to process your order. The payment mode can be through a credit or a debit card.

The pricing depends upon the level of study. The cheapest one is the high school tasks, while the costliest ones are the doctoral assignments. For example, the site charges $10 per page on some high school assignments. On the contrary, they charge $26 for the PhD assignments.

8. Money-Back Guarantee

Another exciting feature about this site is they offer a money-back guarantee to their dissatisfied clients. Suppose you feel that they did not deliver the work to your expectations and do not feel confident that the writer will handle the revisions well, then you can seek a refund.

When we read the feedback from the past clients, there is no evidence that the site ever refunded the money since most of the clients were happy about the content. More so, most dissatisfied clients sort for revisions of which the writers customized the final draft to their expectations.

9. Excellent Customer Care Support

This site is accessible through various channels. For example, you can reach out to the customer care through emails, phone calls or live chats. This customer care team is available to handle all the questions that you may want to be answered.

It does not matter where you stay around the world since they offer a 24/7 service. They are responsive in giving you the correct details to use and maximize their benefits to your academic life.


Is Legit and Reliable? is a legit service that provides academic help securely and confidentially, which makes it popular with students. The website is a reliable homework help website with quality essay writing services. Their reliability is so high that all you need is to place an order and forget. Once you give your assignment, they will begin to process it and adhere to the given deadlines.

What makes this site even more credible and reliable is their adherence to time and turnaround time. Even so, this site receives urgent orders, which they still deliver within the given time frames. Once the custom essay is ready, they will alert you.

Simply put, they have a great understanding when it comes to meeting deadlines. In addition, they offer both academic and non-academic writing services to students and teachers from all over the world.

What makes Legit?

If you want to inject new life into your academic career, then you should never overlook this site. From the onset, it is a legit site based on several factors.

First, the site has several reviews of past customers who indicate that it does an excellent job to promote your career. However, that does not imply that they are perfect. Overall, their input is commendable to enhance your career interest.  

Also, they have a team of professional writers who can handle any task in a particular field without offering you quality work. The process of hiring such a writer is foolproof that they treasure professionalism.

Another aspect that establishes the legitimacy of this site is that it has clear contact information’s. When you call them, there is someone who will respond to your call professionally. Again, the customer care team is ever-present to tackle any issues that interest clients.

GradeBees review

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Main Guarantees from this website

1. Confidential Service
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3. Money-back Guarantee

This is a comprehensive review of the best custom essay writing websites for this year and research paper writing sites for students. In this review, we explored many websites and selected 7 of the best.