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This website was established for people who need academic writing services such as college students and they need to make a decision on which site is good for them to buy essays from. It is a review site for busy students who require essay writing assistance for a variety of reasons.




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About Kanfer and b.CampEssays.com

My name is James Kanfer, an experienced academician and expert in educational websites. I chose to review academic writing sites to help students make the right decisions and not get scammed. To ensure that you do not employ a poor essay writing service and are not deceived or cheated, I personally analysed a number of existing online paper writing businesses and presented you with unbiased reviews.

My task here is to assist you, support you, and provide you with sound advise.

Because most of us compare things and prices before purchasing any product (especially one that is expensive). The same applies to academic writing. The site therefore seeks to help you make the best out of essay writing services by choosing the very best.

I hope you find it informative and entertaining.


James Kanfer,


In addition, I’ve created a comparison of the best two of the websites I recommend. In general, this site allows you to choose two of the 7+ well-known essay writing services and evaluate them in terms of design, service variety, pricing, user reviews, and much more. The reviews on the website will help you particularly if you are in the following situations;

  • Due to a variety of other obligations, I am unable to complete an essay on time.
  • You frequently fail to write good papers because you lack exceptional writing talents.
  • If you can’t seem to satisfy your teacher’s expectations no matter how hard you try.
  • If you want to get an essay but aren’t sure which service to choose.
  • Have you been duped by an essay writing service and are looking for a reliable one?


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